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What is Knowledge Management? Most people enjoy being challenged to use their knowledge creatively, to learn new things, to share what they know with others, and in turn to learn from them. It is generally acknowledged that when teams of highly motivated people who have complementary skills work together, they are more likely to produce better ideas and higher quality results than if those same people work in isolation. Knowledge management seeks ways to maximise the sharing and learning potential of people working together.

In response to demand for improved knowledge management skills expressed by various development agencies working in East Africa, Intercooperation (IC) a Swiss Foundation for Development and Cooperation, in collaboration with Muvek Development Solutions Limited (Muvek), is offering a short training on Knowledge Management. This is particularly intended for development professionals working in natural resource management, the rural economy, and local governance. A choice of two modules, which may be taken consecutively, is offered as follows:

A 4-day Orientation Module meant for those who have heard of knowledge management, are unsure of what it might mean to them in their daily work, but who are curious to learn more at a general level. This Module, developed for those with limited understanding of Knowledge Management concepts, will provide a background on KM and the potential for applying KM methods (where and what); and a brief experience with a diversity of KM tools.

A 3-day subsequent Master Class offers a deeper introduction and first hand experience of using selected knowledge management tools. This Module is meant for those who completed the Orientation Module and even those already clear with the concept and are keen on the practical applications. Field practical sessions will be held in villages in the Coast Region.

Schedules for the courses are as presented below:
• Orientation Module: 18th to 21st April 2007 and Master Class: 23rd to 26th   April 2007 (Note: The 2 modules may be taken consecutively or independently   of the other).
• Venue: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
• Resource persons: Three highly experienced development professionals   specialising in Knowledge Management from South Africa, Switzerland and India.
• Fee per Module: 600 USD (including accommodation, course materials and food   for 3 nights. Participants are expected to meet the cost of transport to and from   the venue).
** If interested to attend the course but you have other accommodation      arrangements, the fee is reduced to US $ 300.

Why you should attend the Knowledge Management (KM) Training

Many people may wonder how can, and why should development organizations “Manage Knowledge”.

Some important questions
1. Do you have a culture and system of sharing knowledge in your organizations     beyond meetings and progress reporting?
2. Are you consistent in collecting and storing experiences and other valuable       information for a wider dissemination? Is the process structured and     systematic?
3. How do you share such knowledge within and outside the organization?
4. Does the knowledge you have in store make your organization’s work visible     enough? Or do you keep too much information internally than sharing     outwardly?
5. Is your target group involved in managing information and knowledge?
6. If someone interested in your work walks into your office today asking to learn     from your experiences, will you be able to easily and spontaneously help him?     How do you store such information for easy access?

This course is all about these and many more !

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