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This course is all about:

  • This training is very important because the main output in most development organizations is “Knowledge” ; in form of “facts”, “information”, “findings’, “recommendations”, etc. It is through this knowledge that the organization identifies itself. And it is from the type, quality and quantity of knowledge produced and shared that defines the ultimate position of the organization. Knowledge management is very important in building our organizations.
  • Skills in knowledge management help development organizations to skillfully gather, compile and share different facts and experiences gained or produced during the implementation process without systematically excluding some of the subtle but vital experiences. KM skills help to get and share knowledge from all involved in the development process within specific frameworks i.e. the target group, implementers and other stakeholders.
  • This training and especially the Master Class is expected to expose you to different KM tools that if properly used will help your organization build a culture and system of producing and sharing knowledge both within and outside the organization. It is very important that somebody walks into your office today and easily gets all the information he/she needs about your organization trusting that the information is authentic enough. We don’t have to always wait for one specific person to provide our organizational experiences.

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    The deadline for applications is Friday 23rd February 2007 at 4.00pm. Please apply in writing, preferably by email or fax, indicating your choice of Module or interest on both. Further communication will then follow.

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