Who are we?


Muvek Development Solutions Ltd. (MUVEK) is a private company specialized in providing consultancy services including program implementation and backstopping mandates in Agriculture, Health, Education and Rural Development in general. read more



Our focus


We provide development consulting services, support rural growth, and improve provision of laboratory services in Tanzania. On above areas, we work in five themes and on crosscutting issues. read more


- KukuDeal (Poultry development)


- Muvek Laboratories


- Development Consulting

We at Muvek define income poverty as “inability to sell enough hence unable to buy enough”




“Every citizen must be enabled to sell enough skills, talents or products and gain the ability to buy enough needs and wants...”


1. MUVEK signs a contract with The Gates Foundation to facilitate development of BMGF’s Intervention Strategies in Extension and Knowledge Exchange in Tanzania.


2. Muvek joins other poultry sector stakeholders in a meeting with the new Minister for Livestock Dr. Kimani as he sought advice on poultry products import ban.


3. “VERALAB” -Muvek’s Mobile Teaching Laboratory Service moves to Moshi soon…


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Towards Our 10years Anniversary (2005-2015)

Ten years of Breaking Development Myths